David & Geri The Smiths
  Church Planting Missionaries to Londrina, Brazil 
Serving with Baptist Mid-Missions since 1987
Brazilian Flag

Church neighborhood
Each house seen is actually two houses. Many owners, after moving in, build walls to separate their yard from the neighbor's and to create a garage space.  It is in this area of someone's house that we are closing in to temporarily meet in. We already have several contacts who are anxiously waiting for these services to begin. viel from above of new housing area at church
God placed a vision for the establishment of churches in the Londrina area in the hearts of the Smiths in 2001. God has allowed them to share that vision with others and through that sharing land was purchased on the northern edge of town. The land is located in the subdivision adjoining the complex that is pictured. It is at the entance to that complex, on the corner of a main throroughfare - on one side a four lane road and on the other the main entrance to the community. Many other churches have purchased land in that area, but no one is building at the present. The Smiths are currently working with an acquitech and plan to begin building as soon as the plans are approved. Pray with them as they seek to build on the land with the funds God has provided.

Bible studies have been started in the area and many souls have already been saved. Because they have outgrown the meeting space they have been in, a temporary meetin place is being prepared. Plans are in place to begin services in this temporary meeting place in March. All involved are excited to see what God is doing.
 A group of participants at new work






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